I am not ashamed…

There were moments in my life where I was ashamed of myself and my situation. I was one of the few in my family to go to college, and was expected to be great. I was supposed to be an outlier, but instead I fell into the mold. I didn’t graduate on time and became a mother during the time where I was expected to start a new career and travel. I strayed from the path that was set forth before me. I didn’t have a degree and I wasn’t advancing in the aspects of my life I had hoped.
I was ashamed.The shamed turned into guilt, anxiety, insecurity, and isolation. I didn’t want to be around my friends or family. I became extremely secluded.


It doesn’t rain forever… I am slowly rebuilding the pieces in my life. I am proud of myself for going back to school for those 16 credits. I am navigating through life as a resilient single momma, embracing all of its ups and downs. More importantly I am trying to breathe again, mend those relationships and become a better me. I recognize success doesn’t happen over night, and I’m okay rebuilding on day at MY Time!

Our journey in life is to figure out the truth of who we are, one’s purpose and how to honor the life given. It is not a sprint… but a long marathon of enlightened moments.

Larry Taylor

This is our lives, watch us live it!



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